June 29, 2011

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Jellica - Remanques et Compocompil album artwork

Click here to download Jellica - Remanques et Compocompil (.zip format)

Jellica follows up his ‘Flappiest Bits’ with some of his less flappy bits, I suppose? A collection of various tracks that are scattered all over the internet in miscellaneous compilations like an easter egg hunt that takes up space on your hard drive - now all in one convenient place! Don’t worry though, this isn’t some rubbish “yeah I’ve heard this before” selection, there are some brand spanking new tracks, including some top remixes by Jellica (remixing Video Game Orchestra, Victoria and Jacob, and previous CDKr Releasees VideoValvontaa - Jellica only listens to artists who begin with V, apparently) and from others of Jellica (Flashbob, Analog, Steve and esc)!

TLDR? If you like Jellica, you’ll love this!

Lubbly Jubbly artwork from KeFF, the man who can - click it for a HQ version!

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